All About Dreams and Their Meanings

We are all curious about the dreams we last night and what they could signify. Well, if you want to know all about dreams and their meanings, you’re on the right page.

Read on.

1. Being chased in a dream.

If you dream about being chased, it could symbolise real life issues that need to be addressed and you are avoiding them. This basically means that your brain is trying to tell you to revolve those issues, as they will catch up with you, sooner or later.

If you dream that you want to run but your feet aren’t moving, then it could mean your confidence levels are low.

2. Flying in a dream.

Flying dreams are one of the most common ones reported by dreamers everywhere. These generally signify some kind of happiness in your real life, or just feeling good in general. If you’re flying in your dreams, consider yourself lucky.

3. Dreaming about mountains.

Mountains symbolize hard work, overcoming, conquering and rising above petty situations. A whole mountain range in a dream represents some kind of new adventure in your life.